Shadow and Bone

Zoë plays Baghra, a stern teacher, in this major new fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novels. Series one and two are streaming now on Netflix.

Criminal Record

Zoë plays the fragile mother of a young detective reinvestigating an old murder case in this crime drama series currently streaming on Apple TV+.


New video: Zoë interviewed by Matthew Rolland

16 October 2023 15:22

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a relaxed, wide-ranging chat with Zoë, her new – and thoroughly enjoyable – interview with hospital radio presenter Matthew Rolland is for you.

They discuss how Zoë feels about acting in theatre, film and TV (‘each medium has its own techniques and its own limitations,’ she explains), as well as how much she values colleagues who have a great sense of humour and a great deal of honesty. I was particularly struck by her description of the strong connection between actors who’ve worked together – this ‘bond’ is built on the ‘excitement of knowing you’ve shared something’ on stage or screen.

As you may know, Zoë has dyslexia, and she shares her tips for learning lines. As she points out, ‘calming down and not reading too fast’ is key.

She also reflects on the decrease in arts funding and the increase in theatre ticket prices. She makes clear that watching stories unfold on stage is engaging and life-enhancing, so is saddened by the fact many parents can’t afford to take their children to see plays these days.

The conversation is one of the most recent instalments in Rolland’s Isolation Interviews series, which features famous guests from around the world and began during lockdown.

Zoë reads Harry Potter to schoolchildren

It’s clear from her interview with Matthew Rolland that Zoë believes being immersed in culture and literature is vitally important for the development of young minds. So when she was invited to open the fantastic new library at Burbage Primary School in Wiltshire last month, she was delighted to show her support.

As reported by the local press, the school’s lucky competition winners enjoyed a day they’ll never forget. They got to hear Zoë, who’s known to millions as Quidditch instructor Madam Hooch, read an extract from the Harry Potter books.

Teacher Emma Miles certainly gave her special guest top marks. She emphasised that ‘Zoë was captivating’, answering questions and offering advice to help the children become more confident readers and develop their ‘performance voice’.

Reminder: The Space interview

If you’ve managed to bag tickets for Zoë’s interview with Brighton arts strand The Space on Thursday 19 October, you’ll no doubt enjoy hearing what she has to say too.

Although the event has now sold out, you can head to The Space’s website to contact the organiser regarding any last-minute places becoming available.

If you’ll be in the audience, have a brilliant time!

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