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ZoŽ Wanamaker CBE
My name is Liz, and I manage the website.  For details of when and why it was created, please see the section about this website.
ZoŽ has an official Twitter account, @ZoeWanamaker, that she runs with her PA, Vanessa.  I tweet at @LizLockhart1985.

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse:
You can donate to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, and find out more about this recreation of an indoor Jacobean theatre, on the Shakespeare's Globe website.  ZoŽ, who is Honorary President of the Globe, talks about the history and significance of the project in a video by the theatre. 

Current and upcoming projects:
  • All On Her Own/Harlequinade (Garrick Theatre, London; 24 October 2015 Ė 13 January 2016): ZoŽ will play Rosemary in dramatic monologue All On Her Own and Dame Maud in comedy Harlequinade in this double bill of plays by Terence Rattigan.
  • Death of a Salesman (BBC Radio 3; autumn 2015): ZoŽ will play Linda Loman in Arthur Miller's masterpiece.

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Welcome to the official website for Zoë Wanamaker!

Video: watch the unveiling of the Sam Wanamaker bust at Shakespeare's Globe in 1996

22 July 2015 17:17

In this archive news footage from 14 June 1996, uploaded to YouTube yesterday by news agency The Associated Press, Prince Philip unveils a bronze bust of Sam Wanamaker at Shakespeare's Globe, in honour of the theatre's founder. The unveiling is part of the Founder's Day celebrations, on what would have been ZoŽ's father's birthday.

The video includes comments from ZoŽ, who says of her father and The Globe: 'It's emotional because he's not here to see it and it took him so long. And you witness how wonderful it is when you go inside'.


ZoŽ and her husband pictured at The Car Man gala performance

21 July 2015 17:37

On Sunday ZoŽ and her husband, Gawn Grainger, attended the gala performance of the revival of renowned choreographer Matthew Bourne's dance-thriller, The Car Man, at Sadler's Wells in London.

They were photographed on the red carpet and enjoying the after-party for WhatsOnStage.com, ContactMusic.com, and Zimbio.

Other special guests included Zoe's Passion Play co-star Samantha Bond, as well as Mark Rylance and David Walliams.

Matthew Bourne's The Car Man runs at Sadler's Wells until 9 August.


Kenneth Branagh hails ZoŽ as a 'brilliant' actress as she joins his theatre company for All On Her Own and Harlequinade double bill

12 July 2015 23:50

ZoŽ's next theatre project has been announced Ė she is set to star in not one but two plays, All On Her Own and Harlequinade, as part of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company's Plays at the Garrick season. The double bill of Terence Rattigan plays will run from 24 October Ė 13 January at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End.

In the first ever West End production of All On Her Own, a powerful dramatic monologue, ZoŽ will star as Rosemary, a widow who is troubled by the circumstances of her husband's death. As the theatre company's press release says intriguingly, Rosemary is 'a woman with a secret, alone at midnight in London'. It adds that she has 'a burden to share that is at times both heart-breaking and sinister'.

After All On Her Own, the mood will be lightened by the comedy Harlequinade, another rarely seen play. It follows the backstage antics of a theatre company that is attempting to stage The Winter's Tale and Romeo and Juliet. In Harlequinade ZoŽ will appear as Dame Maud, who is a haughty actress with a fondness for a tipple.

Kenneth Branagh, who will also appear in Harlequinade, as well as co-directing with Rob Ashford, is clearly delighted that Zoe has joined his theatre company. 'ZoŽ Wanamaker is a brilliant comedienne and a great tragic actress too,' he says enthusiastically in the press release.

Branagh adds that Zoe, in the role of Rosemary, will 'show us the dramatic side of a playwright also known as ''the English Chekhov'''. 'The rarely seen All On Her Own provides a fabulous woman's role, and makes for an intriguingly balanced double bill,' he concludes.

The news of ZoŽ joining the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company has been met with great media interest, with articles being published by the Daily Mail, The Stage, Official London Theatre, WhatsOnStage.com, BroadwayWorld.com, Playbill and Culture Whisper, among others.

You can book tickets for performances of the All On Her Own/Harlequinade double bill via the theatre company's website.


ZoŽ interviewed about bringing characters to life: 'I have to envelop myself in that world'

26 June 2015 23:22

ZoŽ is the special guest interviewed during the latest episode of Benjamin Maio Mackay's Talk 2 Me, an entertainment industry podcast from Australia. During this hugely enjoyable interview, fellow actor Benjamin Maio Mackay chats to Zoe about her career milestones, spanning everything from leaving drama school to starring in Zorba! on Broadway last month.

Particularly fascinating is the discussion about how ZoŽ prepares for a role. As she explains, 'I have to envelop myself in that world' of the character. When preparing to appear on-stage as the 'incredible poet' Stevie Smith Ė which she describes as her most challenging role to date Ė Zoe researched Smith's life and times extensively.

ZoŽ's research for a role can be wide-ranging, typically consisting of reading, listening to music and looking at paintings and photos; her aim is 'to collect as much information as I can' that is relevant to the character, the period in which the production is set, etc. Her research helps her to bring her characters to life.

For more insights into ZoŽ's career, you can listen to the interview online or download it free from iTunes.


ZoŽ in the top ten of modern Doctor Who guest stars; voting underway to choose the best overall!

23 June 2015 20:36

RadioTimes.com readers have chosen ZoŽ as one of the top ten guest stars from Doctor Who's modern era, which spans 2005 to the present day. You can vote online for your overall favourite guest star from the top ten, as many times as you like.

ZoŽ plays the witty but naughty last human, Lady Cassandra, in two episodes of the hit sci-fi show, starting with 'The End of the World'.

Cassandra encounters the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose (played by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper) billions of years in the future. Cassandra's hundreds of plastic surgery procedures have left her as little more than a piece of skin that is stretched across a frame and always at risk of drying out. Her catchphrase Ė 'Moisturise me! Moisturise me!' Ė is well-remembered among Doctor Who fans.

Rose and Cassandra meet again, with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), in 'New Earth'. Cassandra takes over their minds and bodies, but is also seen, poignantly, in her glamorous, original physical state, before the onset of her plastic surgery obsession.


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