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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse:
You can donate to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, and find out more about this recreation of an indoor Jacobean theatre, on the Shakespeare's Globe website.  ZoŽ, who is Honorary President of the Globe, talks about the history and significance of the project in a video by the theatre. 

Current and upcoming projects:
  • Mr Selfridge (ITV1; broadcast dates TBA): ZoŽ plays a Russian princess, Marie de Bolotoff, in the third series of this lavish costume drama, inspired by the founder of Selfridges department store.

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Welcome to the official website for Zoë Wanamaker!

ZoŽ talks gadgets, mobiles and Harry Potter special effects: 'I'd like an invisibility cloak'

13 July 2014 17:44

If you've ever wondered what Zoe thinks about all things tech, you can find out in her latest interview, which is published in the Observer today.

She offers her thoughts on the pros and cons of smartphones, auditioning over Skype, which Harry Potter gadgets she would like to see available in the real world, and much more.

'The ability to fly would be fabulous. And I'd like an invisibility cloak as well, so I could spy on people,' she says.

Sounds fun!


ZoŽ: 'as many different people should cram into our theatres as possible and see the beauty'

12 July 2014 21:18

ZoŽ talks about the importance of attracting diverse audiences to the theatre in the Telegraph today. Referring to Sherlock star Martin Freeman, who is playing Richard III at London's Trafalgar Studios, she comments: 'If Martin is getting people who would normally watch television or go to the cinema into a theatre for the first time - especially when it's Shakespeare - then that's great.'

Zoe concludes that 'as many different people should cram into our theatres as possible and see the beauty of what is put on [there].' Anyone who has seen Zoe on stage will surely know how powerful theatre can be, and will agree with her sentiments.


ZoŽ and her husband attend Brasil Brasileiro's opening night

11 July 2014 02:17

Zoe and her husband, Gawn Grainger, were among the special guests at Brasil Brasileiro's press night yesterday. Zoe's fellow Harry Potter star, David Bradley, was also on the guest list. You can see photos from the event, which was held at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, on Getty Images, Contactmusic.com, and the Daily Mail.

'A celebration of the very best of dance and music from Brazil, the exuberance, spirit and energy of this magical country is brought to life in this summer's hottest must-see show, by Claudio Segovia,' says Sadler's Wells of Brasil Brasileiro. The dance venue is playing host to the Brazilian dance spectacular until the end of July.


Landmark drama Edge of Darkness on BBC Four

30 June 2014 18:49

The hugely influential, multi-award-winning drama Edge of Darkness returns to UK television tonight, 30 June. The first episode of this six-part series, which was originally shown almost thirty years ago, will be broadcast by BBC Four at 10pm.

In Edge of Darkness Zoe plays a government agent, Clementine, who becomes entangled in the efforts of policeman Ronald Craven (played by the late, great Bob Peck) to uncover the truth about his daughter's life - and death.

Zoe's character appears in episodes three, four, and six. As the series, written by Troy Kennedy Martin and directed by Martin Campbell, is particularly intense and complex, I highly recommend watching all six episodes to keep up with every twist and turn of the plot!

If you would like to refresh your memory of Edge of Darkness, or for a concise introduction, Digital Spy has today published an excellent overview of the series. As the article concludes, Edge of Darkness features a host of 'perfect performances' and is suffused with 'oppressive, impressive moodiness'.


BBC to screen Sam Wanamaker Playhouse's production of The Duchess of Malfi tonight

25 May 2014 17:31

This evening the BBC will broadcast a recording of The Duchess of Malfi, which was the first production performed at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe's recreation of an indoor Jacobean theatre, named in honour of ZoŽ's father.

'Welcome to a world of shadows, not just the soft candlelit gloom of the theatre, but a moral universe which is dark with jealousy, mistrust and revenge,' remarks the presenter, Andrew Marr, when introducing John Webster's Jacobean revenge tragedy in a clip from the programme, entitled The Duchess of Malfi: BBC Arts at the Globe.

As the BBC explains in its announcement about the programme: 'Gemma Arterton takes the title role as the widowed Duchess of Malfi who longs to marry her lover Antonio, played by Alex Waldmann.  But her brothers, Ferdinand (David Dawson) and the Cardinal (James Garnon), are determined to prevent the union.  When their spy, Bosola (Sean Gilder), discovers the Duchess has already married Antonio and is pregnant with his child, they set out to exact their revenge - with horrifying and bloody consequences.'

This production of The Duchess of Malfi was performed at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse earlier this year, from 9 January to 16 February - 400 years after the play was originally staged - as part of the theatre's first season of plays.

You can watch part of a scene from the production on the BBC's website.  The Duchess of Malfi: BBC Arts at the Globe will be shown in full on BBC Four at 8pm today.


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