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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse:
You can donate to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, and find out more about this recreation of an indoor Jacobean theatre, on the Shakespeare's Globe website.  ZoŽ, who is Honorary President of the Globe, talks about the history and significance of the project in a video by the theatre. 

Current and upcoming projects:
  • Death of a Salesman (BBC Radio 3; 11 October 2015, 9pm): ZoŽ plays Linda Loman in Arthur Miller's masterpiece, available on the BBC Radio iPlayer.
  • All On Her Own/Harlequinade (Garrick Theatre, London; 24 October 2015 Ė 13 January 2016): ZoŽ is playing Rosemary in dramatic monologue All On Her Own and Dame Maud in comedy Harlequinade in this double bill of plays by Terence Rattigan.

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Welcome to the official website for Zoë Wanamaker!

Celebrate #LoveTheatreDay with All My Sons watchalong!

18 November 2015 17:57

Today, 18 November, is Twitter's #LoveTheatreDay 2015. As Twitter explains, the event is 'a virtual celebration of all things theatrical'.

As part of this celebration, Digital Theatre will run an All My Sons 'watchalong', starting at 6pm (UK time). You can join in the conversation about the production, using the hashtag #Showtime.

There's certainly plenty to love about All My Sons! Miller's classic, heart-breaking play was staged in 2010 at London's Apollo Theatre and stars ZoŽ and David Suchet. The show received tremendous acclaim, with the Telegraph's Charles Spencer calling it 'a stunning production of a modern classic'. For her portrayal of troubled Kate Keller, ZoŽ won Best Actress in a Play in the Whatsonstage.com Awards, with Suchet winning the Best Actor in a Play award.

What's more, you can get a 25% discount on DigitalTheatre.com titles by using the code LOVE at checkout, until midnight tonight.


ZoŽ's 'a thrill to watch' in Kenneth Branagh's Plays at The Garrick

18 November 2015 17:29

Even more fantastic reviews of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company's productions of All On Her Own/Harlequinade, starring ZoŽ, have been published. ZoŽ's performances in this Rattigan double bill are capturing the attention of critics and audiences alike.

In All On Her Own ZoŽ 'terrifically segues between the accents and personalities of the spouses', Rosemary and her late husband Gregory (John Nathan, The Jewish Chronicle)

In Harlequinade ZoŽ is 'a thrill to watch. It's rare to see an actor have such an effect on an audience.' She 'also gives a bone-rattling performance' in All On Her Own. 'It's not hard to see why she's won two Oliviers' (Culture Whisper)

In Harlequinade ZoŽ 'is both subtle and side-splitting' (Paul Levy, Plain English, an Arts Journal blog)

In Harlequinade ZoŽ's 'Dame Maud owns the stage whenever she appears' (Yassine Senghor, The Upcoming)

In the double bill 'the most memorable actor of the night was Zoe Wanamaker, who not only stole every scene she played as outspoken actress Dame Maud but also put in a thrilling performance as a widowed middle-class Londoner in Rattigan's one-hander All On Her Own' (Laura Enfield, East London and West Sussex Guardian Series)

All On Her Own and Harlequinade 'are both thoroughly fascinating'. The former is 'chillingly delivered by the wonderful Zoe Wanamaker', who gives 'a touchingly truthful performance'. In the latter she makes 'scene-stealing appearances' (Davor Golub, London Box Office)

Part of the Plays at The Garrick season, All On Her Own and Harlequinade are being staged as a double bill at London's Garrick Theatre, until 13 January. Tickets are available.


More excellent reviews of ZoŽ's performances in All On Her Own/Harlequinade

10 November 2015 19:39

More excellent reviews of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company's productions of All On Her Own and Harlequinade have now been published, with ZoŽ's portrayals of guilt-ridden Rosemary and formidable Dame Maud earning considerable praise, as shown below.

Harlequinade is 'infectiously warm-hearted'. ZoŽ 'excels' in All On Her Own (Sarah Hemming, Financial Times)

Harlequinade is 'appealingly silly'. In All On Her Own Zoe's 'performance is at once fierce and melancholy Ė finely judged and genuinely sad' (Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard)

'All On Her Own features Zoe Wanamaker in glorious form as a woman wracked with guilt' (Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter)

In Harlequinade ZoŽ is 'the real scene stealer'. In All On Her Own she gives a 'dark, stylish performance'. (Charlotte Marshall, Official London Theatre)

In All On Her Own Zoe paints a 'starkly vulnerable portrait' of widowed Rosemary. In Harlequinade 'Wanamaker is a hoot' (Marianka Swain, The Arts Desk)

'A terrific Zoe Wanamaker plays Rosemary' in 'memorable' monologue All On Her Own (James FitzGerald, Londonist)

All On Her Own 'is brought to life by Wanamaker in a tantalisingly engaging performance'. Harlequinade is 'a hoot' (Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1)

In All On Her Own 'Wanamaker depicts the slow unravelling of [Rosemary's] innermost thoughts with a captivating vulnerability' (Daniel Perks, A Younger Theatre)

This double bill of Terence Rattigan plays is being staged at London's Garrick Theatre until 13 January. Tickets are available.


ZoŽ pictured on All On Her Own/Harlequinade opening night, plus fantastic reviews

8 November 2015 19:34

Following yesterday evening's press performances of All On Her Own and Harlequinade at London's Garrick Theatre, ZoŽ was photographed for Getty Images at the Harlequinade curtain call and after-party. The Daily Mail has covered the opening night's events.

The after-party, held at the National Gallery, celebrated the opening of The Winter's Tale (in which ZoŽ doesn't appear) in addition to All On Her Own/Harlequinade, as the shows are playing in repertory. ZoŽ was joined by her husband, Gawn Grainger. Also present were Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench and other cast members.

Some fantastic reviews of tense monologue All On Her Own and comedy Harlequinade have been published. Highlights are below.

In Harlequinade ZoŽ portrays Dame Maud as 'hilariously soused' and performs All On Her Own 'with a soul-baring virtuosity' (Michael Billington, Guardian)

Harlequinade 'is stolen effortlessly by Zoe Wanamaker's turn as Dame Maud'. When watching All On Her Own, 'Young actors and actresses could learn much from the clarity of her diction and how she uses pitch to create a sense of intimacy in a large theatre Ė a master at work' (Gary Naylor, BroadwayWorld)

In All On Her Own 'Wanamaker is devastatingly good as a bereaved woman' (Michael Coveney, Whatsonstage.com)

In All On Her Own 'Wanamaker's performance is a miniature tour de force' (Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out)

In All On Her Own 'Wanamaker wrings every possibility from the occasion, her voice resonant with despair and passion', and gives a 'lustrous performance'. Harlequinade is 'an insightful piece of comic delight', in which ZoŽ is 'likely to bring tears of joy to your eyes' (Stephen Collins, BritishTheatre.com)

In Harlequinade ZoŽ's Dame Maud is 'gorgeously bossy'. All On Her Own is a 'painfully arresting' monologue (Libby Purves, theatreCat)

ZoŽ gives 'a thoughtful performance' in All On Her Own. Harlequinade 'has bags of charm' (Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub)

Tickets are available for this double bill, which runs until 13 January.


More photos of ZoŽ published as All On Her Own/Harlequinade open at the Garrick Theatre

7 November 2015 18:23

On the day that All On Her Own and Harlequinade have their press performances at London's Garrick Theatre, more of Johan Persson's photos of the former play have been published. Time Out has a series of striking new images of ZoŽ as troubled widow Rosemary (see photos seven, eight and nine in the magazine's gallery).

The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company has reported on Twitter that the press performances of its Rattigan double bill are playing to a full house, which reflects the tremendous interest in these productions.

Tickets for All On Her Own and Harlequinade are available. Performances are scheduled until 13 January.


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