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Piaf (1982)


A play adapted for television, and first broadcast on 9 June 1982 (The Entertainment Channel).


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This programme is a television adaptation of the US theatre production Piaf.  It features cast members from the stage show and was recorded in front of an audience. 

Piaf examines the life of legendary French singer Edith Piaf, from the late 1920s until 1963 (the year in which the singer died).  Far from being a glamorous portrait, the biodrama offers an unflinching exploration of the tension between the singer's private and public life, particularly in the light of her working-class roots.


Emcee/Manager, also known as Henri ... David Leary
Piaf ... Jane Lapotaire
`Papa` Leplee, owner of Cluny Club ... Peter Friedman
Toine ... Zoe Wanamaker
Emil, maitre d` at Cluny Club ... Nicholas Woodeson
Jacques, a thug ... Lewis Arlt
Eddie, a thug ... Robert Christian
Little Louis, a thug ... Michael Ayr
Paul, man with rose ... David Purdham
Georges ... Kenneth Welsh
Pierre, on bicycle; later, Piaf`s agent ... Stephen Davies
Marlene ... Jean Smart
Angelo ... Lewis Arlt
Nurse ... Sherry Steiner


Writer: Pam Gems
Director: Gary Halvorson
Producer: Bill Siegler
Music Director: Michael Dansicker


Following the TV broadcast, Piaf was released on video, though this is now a very rare item.

Another television adaptation of a stage production in which Zoe appears is Othello (1990).


Piaf by Pam Gems

Piaf NTSC format video

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