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Creditors (1970)

A 69 Theatre Co. production of a play by August Strindberg, performed at the University Theatre, Manchester (opened in October 1970).


Tealk ... Zoe Wanamaker
Adolf, Tealk's husband, a painter ... Stephen Barnes
Gustav, Tealk's ex-husband, a teacher ... Roger Swaine


Director: Brian Cox


Having decided to hone her acting skills by appearing in regional theatre, Zoe performed her second professional role on stage in Creditors, as part of Manchester's 69 Theatre Company.

Presented as a late-evening show, Creditors was performed immediately after the company's revival of A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which Zoe had made her professional stage debut. 

The following year, Zoe appeared in Pictures in a Bath of Acid, a play about the author of Creditors, August Strindberg.

Press coverage

'Zoe Wanamaker's Tealk [...] was a splendidly modulated creation: flirtatious, sentimental, imperious, superbly angry in defeat and finally heartbroken' - The Stage


Creditors by August Strindberg

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