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Captain Swing (1978)

A Royal Shakespeare Company production and world premiere of a play by Peter Whelan, performed at The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon (opened 26 June 1978).

Performance length: 2 hours and 40 minutes (including interval)


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This was the premiere production of Captain Swing.  Set in November 1830, and inspired by the actions of the mythical figure who lends his name to the play's title, the play follows the fortunes of impoverished farm labourers in and around a Sussex village. 

Like many rural areas of the country at the time, the village witnesses the English Swing Riots, in which labourers protest against poor working conditions and the increased mechanisation of farming. 

While Mathew Hardeness is committed to non-violent action, the mysterious 'Captain Swing' adopts a hot-headed approach, addressing threatening letters to landowners.  Gemma Beech is also among the protestors - contemporary reviewers compared the character to the French Revolution's firebrand, Charlotte Corday.  Gemma is drawn to Farquarson, who may or may not be the legendary Captain Swing. 

Can peaceful protest bring social justice, or will the labourers resort to violence in the struggle to make their voices heard?


Jack Slipper ... John Bowe
Mathew Hardeness ... David Bradley
John Povey ... Bill Buffery
Agness/Mary Culliford ... Avril Carson
Carmen Du Sautoy ... Lady Cummings
Corporal Moat ... Anthony Higgins
Lieutenant Tublin ... David Lyon
Grannie Brindley ... Valerie Lush
Parson Aston ... James Griffiths
Farquarson ... Alan Rickman
Gemma Beech ... ZoŽ Wanamaker
Tom ... Philip McGough
Daniel ... Hilton McRae
Michael O'Neil ... Paul Moriarty
Ned ... George Raistrick
Robert Whatley ... Paul Webster
Sam ... Paul Whitworth

The following cast changes were made when Captain Swing transferred to the Warehouse: Michael Bertenshaw (Parson Aston), Helen Brammer (Lady Cummings), Malcolm Storry (Farquarson).


At the Warehouse
Director: Bill Alexander
Designer: Kit Surrey
Lighting Designer: Leo Leibovici
Sound: John A Leonard
Music: Richard Springate and Robin Weatherall
Fencing Advisor: Annemarie Krimke
Stage Manager: Titus Grant
Deputy Stage Manager: Diana Durant
Assistant Stage Manager: Colin Blumenau


Captain Swing is one of the many productions in which Zoe performed with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company.  She joined the RSC at a very interesting stage in its development, sensing an exciting new dynamic among the actors.  'Some of us now at the RSC have a different sort of energy that has not been smoothed, shined or made acceptable.  I like that', she commented at the time (see 'I Yearn To Be So Free and Comfortable on That Stage' interview). 

In addition to Captain Swing, ZoŽ's RSC productions during the 1970s include The Devil's Disciple (1976), Ivanov (1976), Wild Oats (1976), The Taming of the Shrew (1978), Piaf (1978), and Once in a Lifetime (1979).  During the 1980s, she returned to the company for Twelfth Night (1983), The Comedy of Errors (1983), Mother Courage and Her Children (1984), and Othello (1989).

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