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Wilde (1997)


A film by Julian Mitchell, adapted from the biography Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann, and released in 1997.

Running time: 1 hour and 52 minutes


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Wilde is a biographical account of one of Britain's most celebrated minds.  Oscar Wilde is a family man whose phenomenal talents bring him great success as a writer, playwright, and poet in late-Victorian society.  Privately he struggles with homosexual feelings, and once his true sexuality is revealed, his reputation lies in tatters. 

Victorian society criminalised homosexuality.  After the genius is sentenced to hard labour for his supposed 'crimes', many former friends shun the Wildes.  Upon his release, Wilde comes to rely on the more open-minded among his acquaintances.  Ada 'Sphinx' Leverson is one of the few to stand by him during this difficult period.


Oscar Wilde ... Stephen Fry
Constance Lloyd Wilde ... Jennifer Ehle
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas ... Jude Law
Lady Speranza Wilde ... Vanessa Redgrave
Lady Mount-Temple ... Judy Parfitt
Ada 'Sphinx' Leverson ... Zoë Wanamaker
Robbie Ross ... Michael Sheen
John Gray ... Ioan Gruffud
Charles Gill ... Peter Barkworth
Marquess of Queensberry ... Tom Wilkinson
Lady Queensberry ... Gemma Jones
C. O. Humphreys ... Robert Lang
Lionel Johnson ... Matthew Mills
Ernest Dowson ... Jason Morell
Rentboy ... Orlando Bloom


Director: Brian Gilbert
Producers: Marc Samuelson and Peter Samuelson
Assistant Producer: Rachel Cuperman
Executive Producers: Michiyo Yoshizaki, Michael Viner, Deborah Raffin, Alex Graham, and Alan Howden
Cinematography: Martin Fuhrer
Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic
Costume Designer: Nic Ede
Music: Debbie Wiseman, William S. Gilbert, and Arthur Sullivan


Wilde Region 1 DVD

Wilde Region 2 DVD

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