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The Provoked Wife (1973)

The Provoked Wife

A play by John Vanbrugh, performed at the Watford Palace Theatre (21 February - 10 March 1973).


Restoration comedy The Provoked Wife employs humour to broach the difficult subject of a loveless marriage. 

The unhappily married Lady Brute and her niece, Bellinda, are pursued by their admirers, Constant and Heartfree. 

The group's eventual discovery by Lady Brute's drunken husband, Sir John, throws the provoked wife's struggles into sharp relief.


Rasor ... Timothy Davies
Sir John Brute ... Trevor Peacock
Lady Brute ... Prunella Scales
Bellinda, the Brutes` niece ... Zoe Wanamaker
Lady Fancyfull ... Sheila Reid
Cornet ... Vicky Ireland
Mademoiselle ... Paola Dionisotti
Heartfree ... Michael Graham Cox
Constant ... Paul Freeman
Treble ... Jeremy Nicholas
Colonel Bully ... Philip Newman
Justice of the Peace ... Philip Newman
Tailor ... Jeremy Nicholas
Constable ... Alan Thompson
Watch ... Paul Kelly


Director: David Hare
Designer: Bob Ringwood
Lighting Designer: John T E Baker
Music: Nick and Tony Bicat


The title of the play, in its archaic spelling, is The Provok'd Wife.

The director of this production, David Hare, later directed Zoe again, in a joint production of two of his own plays, The Bay at Nice and Wrecked Eggs (1986).


The Provoked Wife by John Vanbrugh

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