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The Cherry Orchard (1971)

The Cherry Orchard

A play by Anton Chekhov, performed at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh (7-22 May 1971).


Liubov Andreyevna Ranyevskaya, a landowner ... Antonia Pemberton
Anya, her daughter ... Zoë Wanamaker
Varya, her adopted daughter ... Penelope Wilton
Leonid Andreyich Gaev, her brother ... Edward Jewesbury
Yermolai Alyekseich Lopachin, a businessman ... Joseph Brady
Pyotr Sergyeich Trofimov (Pyetya), a student ... David Collings
Boris Borisich Simeonov-Pishchik, a landowner ... Richard Simpson
Charlotta Ivanovna, a governess ... Ann Way
Semyon Pantelyeich Yepixodov, a clerk ... Paul Brooke
Doonyasha, a maid ... Frances Barlow
Firs, an old manservant ... John Gill
Yasha, a young manservant ... Paul Freeman
Tramp/Post office clerk ... Bryden Murdoch
Stationmaster ... James Gavigan
Guests/Servants ... Francis Weston, Dudley Stuart-White, Andrew Abraham

Musician: Adam Bukowski


Director: Richard Eyre
Designer: John Gunter
Costume Designer: Lorraine McKee
Lighting Designer: Andre Tammes


This production of The Cherry Orchard, presented by the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, gave Zoë the opportunity to perform as Anya for the second time.  She had originally played the role in 1970, as part of a production in Manchester that emphasised the dark aspects of the play.  By contrast, reviewers found comic touches in the Royal Lyceum's Cherry Orchard

Zoe worked with the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company again on Dick Whittington and The Hostage (both 1971).  She also joined other company members on the British Council Tour of the Far East, performing in When Thou Art King and The Birthday Party (both 1972). 

Zoe clearly enjoys working with The Cherry Orchard's director, Richard Eyre; following their productive period with the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, in 1975 she accepted his invitation to join the Nottingham Playhouse Company, after he became artistic director of its theatre.  She speaks warmly of Eyre, describing him as 'Intelligent, funny, sensitive, encouraging and enthusiastic'.  (See 'Zoe Wanamaker: Nottingham Playhouse Made Me' interview.)


The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

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