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The Cherry Orchard (1970)

A play by Anton Chekhov, performed at the Stables Theatre Club, Manchester (opened 25 November 1970).


Yermolay Lopakhin ... John Flanagan
Donyasha ... Celia Hewitt
Simon Yepikhodov ... Paul Williamson
Firs ... Richard Kane
Mrs Lyuba Ranevsky ... Maureen Pryor
Anya ... Zoë Wanamaker
Varya ... Katharine Barker
Leonid Gayev, Mrs Ranevsky's brother ... John Horsley
Carlotta ... Ann Rye
Boris Simeonov-Pishchik ... Richard Wilson
Yasha ... Garrick Hagon
Peter Trofimov ... Richard Howard
A Passer-by ... Tommy Man


Director: Gordon McDougall
Designer: Jonathan Porter
Lighting Designer: Ivor Dykes
Stage Manager: Nicholas James


When entering the auditorium for this production, audience members could have been forgiven for thinking that they had set foot in a real cherry orchard: young trees were dotted about the seating area, while the floor was carpeted with leaves and bracken.

The following year, Zoe played the role of Anya again, when she took part in a production of The Cherry Orchard in Edinburgh.  From May 2011, she will perform the play for a third time, as part of a production in London.


The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

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