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The Birthday Party (1972)

A Royal Lyceum Theatre Co. production of a play by Harold Pinter, performed during the British Council Far East Tour (7 May - 8 July 1972).


Bachelor Stanley Webber lives in a seaside boarding house.  Meg, the wife of the house's owner, Petey Boles, throws a surprise party for their lodger, even though he denies that it is his birthday. 

With the birthday party off to a shaky start, the trio's young acquaintance, Lulu, takes delivery of an entirely inappropriate present. 

When two mysterious strangers arrive, the celebrations turn even sourer.

Cast included: Zoë Wanamaker (Lulu)


This production of The Birthday Party was performed alongside another Royal Lyceum Theatre Company show, When Thou Art King.  Following the preview performances in Edinburgh, the productions toured Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, and Thailand. 

Zoe had previously worked with the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company on The Cherry Orchard, Dick Whittington, and The Hostage.


The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter

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