The Man Who Fell to Earth

Zoƫ plays the enigmatic Watt in this sci-fi series about an alien, Faraday, who comes to Earth on a mission to save his home planet. Streaming now on Showtime (US) and Paramount+ (UK).

Shadow and Bone

ZoĆ« plays Baghra, a stern teacher, in this major new fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugoā€™s bestselling Grishaverse novels. Series one is streaming now on Netflix, and series two wrapped earlier this year.

The Cleaner

Zoƫ guest stars in an episode in the second series of BBC One's black comedy about a crime scene cleaner, which is currently in production.

Criminal Record

Zoƫ plays the mother of a young detective reinvestigating an old murder case in this crime drama series for Apple TV+. Filming began in the summer.


Zoƫ featured in new BBC partwork, Doctor Who: The Complete History

6 December 2015 17:06

Zoƫ's second appearance as villainous plastic surgery addict Lady Cassandra is featured in issue seven of Doctor Who: The Complete History, which explores episodes including 'New Earth' (2006).

This full colour book, edited by John Ainsworth, is volume 51 in the partwork, published by the BBC. It discusses in detail the pre-production, production, post-production and broadcast history of 'New Earth', in which Cassandra memorably possesses David Tennant's Tenth Doctor and his companion, Rose (Billie Piper). The book also looks at the episode's publicity material and merchandise.

But the biggest treat for fans is undoubtedly an excellent profile of Zoƫ, whose busy work schedule meant that she had only one day on-set with the other actors to film her on-screen portrayal of Cassandra. (Her voiceovers for the character were recorded separately.)

The issue was released on 2 December and is likely to be available from UK newsagents for another week or so. Zoƫ's first episode of Doctor Who, 'The End of the World', will be examined in a forthcoming issue of the partwork (release date TBA).

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