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The picture shows Zoe as Letitia Blacklock in Agatha Christie's Marple - 'A Murder is Announced'.


The picture shows Zoe as Ariadne Oliver in Agatha Christie's Poirot - 'Third Girl'.





Jane is often mistaken for Zoë and has even been accused of lying when she explains who she is!


Mary is also a professional actress and runs Mary Faktor's The Talent Network.

Rivella has been asked a number of times if she is actually Zoe!  Like Zoe, she has appeared in many theatrical productions.


Zoë Wanamaker
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Sam Wanamaker
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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (founded by Zoë's father; Zoë is Honorary President)

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Amnesty International (Zoë raised awareness of this charity's 'Protect the Human' campaign in 2006)

Comic Relief (Zoe reported on efforts to help people in the slums of Addis Ababa in 1992 for this charity)

Dignity in Dying (Zoë is a patron of this charity)

Eastside Educational Trust (Zoe is a patron of this charity)

Lymphoedema Support Network (Zoë is the patron of this charity)

Mousetrap Theatre Projects (Zoë is a patron of this charity)

Only Make Believe (Zoe is a member of the honorary board of this charity and took part in a promotional video about the organisation's history and purpose in 2001)

Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund (Zoë is a patron of this charity)

Tree Aid (Zoe is a patron of this charity)

Xtraordinary People (Zoë, who is mildly dyslexic, supports this charity's work with people who have dyslexia)

Youth Music Theatre (Zoë is a patron of this charity and took part in a video promoting its GIVE 5 fundraising campaign in 2009)

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